Is your kitchen Kosher? Show it proudly with a Kashrus certificate from Hashgocha Pratis.TM

You wouldn’t eat at a neighbor’s house without a Kashrus certificate. Would they eat at yours?

Hashgocha Pratis makes it clear as day which kitchens are really kosher.

We have the approbation of the greatest rabbonim and offer hashgochos from Chasam Sofer, Maran Bet Yosef, Belz, Harav Machfud, and Eda Charedis. Special discount for Rabbanut hashgocho.

Only 200 NIS a month for basic service, with one surprise inspection a month, guaranteed to catch you unexpected any time 24 hours a day. Premium service with pre-arranged inspections is a mere 300 NIS.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free matched set of fleischig and milchig garbage cans with every subscription.

For the best of the best, the mashgiach tmidi service with a live-in yeshiva bocher is only 3500 NIS a month.

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Taharas Hamishpocha certification also available.

P.S. There is a completely unconvincing discussion here about whether a family kashrut certification is halachically necessary. But does that really matter? Do you want to be caught without one?